Repro L42


Well this had been a project rifle of mine for some time, and its had a bit of a life already.

I started this rifle from an idea I got soon after buying woods from the Defence Force Auction where the remaining No8’s and No9’s were sold in Wellington some years back.

I picked up a couple sets of spare woods for the No8. Not really knowing what I would use them for, I thought what the heck they may come in handy one day. It’s the magpie gene I think!

Well about a year or so later I managed to pick up an unfired unmarked mint no4mk2 reciever from Gary at Tallon arms in Christchurch. The bolt was a mismatch DP that Gary had specifically lapped and picked for the reciever. It was a nice set.

A few month later I found on TM a thick 308 target barrel, things started to fall in place! I hand fitted the forewords about 80% and cut out the template for the mag. I took time and ever so slowly worked on fitting the wood to the draws. I was soon back to Gary and had him look at the barrel and see if he would be keen on making a replica L42. I left the rifle with him, it was really starting to take shape.

Sadly however things were going to take a turn for the worse. Christchurch experienced a series of hideous earthquakes. Unfortunately Gary’s fine shop and him included took some hard knocks. It wasnt till a few days later whilst working I drove past Gary’s shop, I gave up seeing the rifle again. The area in which Gary was working did not fair well.

But not all was lost, as some months later on the off-chance I made some enquiries and found that no only was the rifle parts salvaged, they were untouched! They even still had the notes attached with Gary’s dimensions and notations.

So the Phoenix rifle was bought back home, where sadly its been sitting in a bit of a disheveled state, however still a very worthwhile project. The barrel will need some work to recut the chamber and an appropriate extractor and mag found but the bones of the rifle are there. The mags not a massive issue as in the interim I will simply use a normal 303 mag and just single feed the .308 rounds.

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  1. Kevin Johnson says:

    I live in Bay of Islands and have been looking for something like this for some time. I served 23 years in the British Army and absolutely refuse on principle to pay some joker (usually in USA) $10,000 for an L42. Can you recommend a gunsmith who could do a similar job for me? Is your Christchurch mate still in business? I’m relatively new to NZ having married a Kiwi girl. I have learnt that there is usually an expert on everything here, usually working in his shed, you just have to find him. I’ve looked at importing a weapon from UK or even the AIA copies from Australia but would rather get something from a trustworthy source nearer home. Could you help me please? My search has proved rather fruitless to date.

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