No4 Mk1/2

If The SMLE that I restored first gave me the bug, this just tipped me over!

I can’t remember exactly how this project got started, but I remember emailing a fellow collector and asking if he had any really interesting bits worth doing up. You know, any good projects that I might be able to learn a thing or two from.

Well after a few emails I was the proud owner of an action!

No4 Mk 1/2 Bare Action

No4 Mk 1/2 Bare Action

I then contacted a mate in nelson and inquired about any  stocks that he might have that would fit the No4 Mk1/2 action, thankfully he found just the set.

The difference as you can see in the picture above is that the No4 when upgraded in 1947 was that the trigger was mounted on the receiver. As such the band / strap at the rear of the bottom woods was omitted and a transverse screw was used to hold the bottom woods.

Tidied up

The receiver was tidied up and the correct Fazakerley rear sight was added, as would have happened during the conversion from the No4Mk1 to the No4Mk1/2. The receiver was phosphated by Bruce Adams and the work that he did was just wonderful. The charger guide had been taped for a scope mount but Bruce’s work managed to tidy that up.

At a later stage I intend to get these holes filled, but for now am very happy with the overall condition. The area in which the receiver and the draws  sits was a tight fit, but thankfully the barrel sat nicely within the barrel channel itself and had a good amount of upward pressure. 

Interesting Markings

 To this day im not 100% sure exactly what the 6 inside a circle inside a square means, but the mag, bolt and action all matched. If you do know please email me and let me know!!!!!


I had a spare two grove barrel that was in very good condition. Whilst I would have liked a 5 grover I was unable to find one suitable. So the two grove barrel was fitted by Robbie Tiffen from Gunworks, and soon the whole rifle began to take shape. Robbie did a fantastic job on the rifle too.

In fact it didn’t take long to start looking very spectacular, and whilst the photos show the butt and top forwood a slight variation in colour, its more so the photo more than anything else. It’s a very nice looking rifle.

Good looking Blond!

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  1. Jordan says:

    This Rifle looks amazing. Im actually hoping to start a simalar project myself. I have a No.4 Mk1 in a sporterized stock that Im hoping to convert back to well non sporterized. One complication Im having though is I cant find a original or aftermarket stock thats not sporterized. Any ideas or help to finding possibly a reproduction or aftermarket non sporterized stock would help.

  2. Mark says:

    Where abouts are you? i may be able to direct you in the right direction, sorry for the slow reply, few issues at home that are taking up the bulk of my time at the moment, to that end i may have a few items up for sale soon!

  3. Gary says:

    I have a spare lower fore-end for a No4mk1, in reasonable condition,(except for a 40mm crack in the left side at the receiver) noticable when pressure is applied.
    also 2 topwoods I think for the No8, 9 or target Envoy stock. Which could be trimmed down to replace the topwood on a No5

  4. Barry says:

    I two have recently accuired a no4 mk1/2 and would love to remove this sportization and return her to her former wooden glory. I have been looking on many awebsite for the wooden fore end and front ends but have had little luck. The butt I have is original and I believe the for stock as well, Any ideas on where To find a matching set? Thanks so much take care.

  5. Mark says:

    Barry, it is harder to get matching sets, esp if you are like me and have to buy overseas and cant actually see what i am buying! where abouts are you? well done on the purchase, I do like the No4’s esp 1/2 and 1/3, can you send me some images of the rifle?

  6. Barry says:

    I’ll get some uploaded for you here soon Mark, On another note, I’m pretty handy when it comes to wood working and love carving, would it not be to hard to rebuild the stock and pieces from scratch, I have been trying to find some specs or blue prints that i could work off but have also had no luck, then I thought I could just buy some crap ones from ebay and copy them but I am not a gun smith aby any means, and this being my first project I would hate to screw it up? I could always get someone to do it for me , but wheres the fun and bragging rights in that? What do you think, Or is it to much to go that route. The gun is in really good shape, I even took her out for a few rounds and it felt great. Give me a couple of days on the photos to get that done.

  7. Jason Vaughan says:

    Hi, I have recently acquired a No.4 mk1/2 FTR 10/49 with a Parker Hale Ball burnished barrel (5 groove) in almost mint condition.
    She is currently wearing the light blond woodwork, however I have also acquired a set of un-issued 1959 dated complete set of furnisher inc new bands and bolts.
    I have spent the last 4 weeks linseed oiling and rubbing back with fine wire wool and I hope to re-stock the rifle with the new woodwork in the coming weeks (just need to have the action bedded in.
    This site has been an excellent source of information. – Thankyou

  8. Mark says:

    PHOTOS! did you take any photos of the process? if you did i would be keen to get them up on the site to show others your efforts. Even if you wanted to write a little bit on the process it would help others considring this same project.

    Im glad that the site has been helpful, Its always nice to hear that someone is taking the time to restore and put time into these old girls, they are a loverly piece of history and extremely functional rifle. I think you will find the Parker Hale Ball Burnished barrel a very accurate barrel too!

  9. Len Kerr says:

    Great job I have just purchased a No 4 Mk 1/3 (F) FTR and would like to take it back to what it would have looked like also what is cool is I when my Grandfather passed he left me a Swift training rifle MK III. They would be a great set.
    Any advice and tips would be great
    Thanks in Advance Len

  10. Mark says:

    Hi Len, Good purchase, lets have a look at any pictures that you have so we know what we have, it may not take a lot or we could have our work cut out for us, but there is only one way to tell, send in some pics my friend.

  11. Jake says:

    Wow! That is one beautiful rifle!

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