This rifle was part of the NZDF Auction held on the 7th September 2009 in Wellington, New Zealand.

The NZDF had allowed the auction of their .22 cal trainers, the No8′s and No9′s and DP’d No4s.

These rifles had been used by the New Zealand Cadet Forces and whilst some had minor external marks, the barrels and actions were of a very high standard and all came with NZDF inspection tags.

Approximately 450 rifles were available at the auction, of this number 285 of the No8’s, 116 of the No9’s and 53 of the DP’d No4’s. There was woodwork for the No4s and No8s also available at the auction.

This rifle is one of those 116.

This training rifle is definitely more in keeping with expectations in style and shape that one would expect from the Lee Enfield Family.

The No9 uses a sleeved barrel and the crown of the muzzle is stamped AGP.

It is a single shot like the No8, however the mag has no spring or platform for loading rounds into the chamber. Spent cases fall into the mag well and into the hollow mag. It again has a graduated 25 yard indicator on the side of the singer site.

These rifles were made by Parker Hale between 1956 through to 1960 and were a conversion made for the Royal Navy. They utilised existing No4 .303’s, including I, I* Mks 1/2 , 1/3 and Mk2. The bolt is somewhat more conventional that that of the No8, however the firing pin is offset for the rimfire round.

Rifle No9MkI
Cal                           .22 inch
Rifling and Twist   6 Grove Right hand twist
Barrel Lenght        25.2 inches / 640mm
Overall Lenght      44.5 inches / 1130mm
Weight                    9lb4oz  / 4.2kg
Mag capacity         Single shot

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