The following is a sincere thanks to people whom have helped in some way with this website.  I very much appreciate it.

Jeff B, thanks for the articles and incredible advice on ALL things lead, without you passing on your knowledge I would have missed out on a whole new aspect of shooting, thanks.

Adam B, Stuart M, Rod W very clever blokes with a stack of knowledge that ive borrowed from.

Paul F, Kevin B, Robbie L thanks very much for the lending of the rifles, they are stunning and I have decided to keep them :).

Graeme B, thank you very much for the images and articles, they have helped a lot, thanks.

SpikeDD – Now Spike typify’s like-minded individuals who just want to help out people with shared interests,  like I said in my email you’re a Legend.

JollyGreenSlug –  Thanks mate for allowing me to post your videos, its appreciated.

 Andy from the Webshop, thank you for all the help with the site, esp at the silliest hours of the night and morning.

John O, your contributions and advice has greatly added to this project, thank you.