Hopefully these following manuals are of use to Lee-Enfield enthusiasts or collectors and are able to help as reference sources. If you have any manuals that I am able to use and that don’t breach any Copyright laws, then  please email me. The more information that I can offer the better.

Please click on the underlined links, the images below are just an images of the respective covers




Small Arms Training Vol1 Pam1 1937








Small Arms Training Vol1 Pam3 1942








Identification Parts List No1 – No4, 1945






lee Enfield Rifle Manual 1 3 4 and 5



The Lee Enfield Rifle – EGB Reynolds 1962


2 Responses to Manuals

  1. Jason Vaughan says:

    Hi, I have an electronic copy of the following..

    Lee Enfield Rifle Manual covers No.1,2,3,4’s

    Lee Enfield No.8 Manual

    Lee Enfield by EGB Reynolds 1962

    If you would like them

  2. Mark says:

    Thank you very much, i would really appreciate those, it would add to the usefulness of the site and help a lot of folk with restorations and their knowledge base. One can never have too many reference books!

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