NZ Home Guard Rifles

NZ Home Guard Rifles.

The follow are the NZ Home Guard Rifles regions and associated area numbers .

NMD                                  CMD                                SMD                          SMD(Dunedin office)

1 Auckland 5  Wellington 9 Nelson 11 Dunedin
2  Paeroa 6  Whanganui 9a Greymouth 11a Oamaru
2a  Rotorua 6a  P. North 9b Westport 11 Dunedin
3  Whangarei 7  Napier 9c Blenheim 11b Alexandra
4  Hamilton 7a Gisborne 10 Christchurch 12 Invercargill
7b Masterton 10a Timaru 12a Gore
8 New Plymouth 10b Waikari
8a Hawea 10c Ashburton
8b Stratford 10d Rangiora

If anyone is able to supply photos of different NZ Home Guard Rifles and their markings I would greatly appreciate it. I think the NZ Home Guard Rifles are a very undervalued and neglected aspects of the NZ Enfield story and as such need to be documented and recorded.

Also I would be extremely curious of any full-bore calibres that are not Enfield’s or Metfords that are HG marked. I would also be interested in images around .22 NZ Home Guard Rifles. These had different lettering such as SP or SPS.

NZ Home Guard Marked Lee Enfield

Nice Example of 9/HG




Note a sub unit area mark

Palmerston North Home Guard Rifle, there is nothing pretty when it comes to markngs on some of the old girls.


Masterton Home Gaurd Markings

Full acknowledgements will be given of any photos used and again will be greatly appreciated.