Lee Enfield Sight Adjusters

For a more complete precise on sighting aids, please refer to Articles, there you will find a very informative article by Graeme.

I will post these images of Lee-Enfield sight adjusters as reference material.

2 Responses to Lee Enfield Sight Adjusters

  1. Tom Thornell says:

    I recently purchased a Lee Enfield. I test fired it and found it to be shooting approximately 10 inches to the left at only 50 yards. I would like to adjust the front sight (it is obvious that it is far from center). It looks like a special took is need to remove the “screw” that holds the sight tight. Is this tool availalbe to purchase or rent? If loosened, could the sight be simply knocked into place using a flat-face chisel?

  2. Mark says:

    Hi there, well done on the purchase, i take it you have a No4, im not sure where you are but the sight adjusting tools are available to buy online, actually some of the repros are reasonable inexpensive and trust me when it comes to sighting in a rifle, WAY better for your stress levels and the poor rifle that a chisel drifting tool! a tool to remove the screw you refer to can be made from a flat head screw driver and a dremel, its not that difficult. Simply find a flat head screwdriver the same width as the screw and make a small cut into it.

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