Canvas, Cloth & Leather

As time permits I will update and add to this section, but for now I hope that the following images are of interest.

I recently had the opportunity to pick up this wee gem, It’s a 1916 marked WWI SMLE rifle cover and its in wonderful condition. The fabric is still soft and unworn.cover-1-1916


The Broad Arrow mark combined with the clear date and manufacturers stamp is rather something, especially when you consider its age and what it went through!

The following is a very similar in style and construction, however this has had either a field adaptation or a post war upgrade as a sling has been attached. Either way a very nice piece.


She has a few marks here and there, however being around 100 years old one can forgive the odd imperfection.



The next example is the more modern version used in WWII.


I have filled out the pocket to give it back its shape and to remove some unwanted creases, with time I may refold it down back to its proper shape with the creases hopefully removed! It has a wonderful set of markings as you can see below.


It’s an Australian made cover, it fits the No5 perfectly.

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  1. No4Mk1 says:


    Just found your site after a google search – very good and highly informative! I’m an avid Lee Enfield fan, UK based, and have a de-act No4 Mk1. Been collecting the accessories for it and finally found a 99% mint condition slip, stamped 1941, although the makers name is a little faded. When trying the No4 in the slip, I find the slip too short. I know that shorter slips were made for the No5’s and Jungle carbine…but as early as 1941? I’m baffled. Can you shed any light?

    Many thanks,

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