Armourers Tools

The following is a selection of tools used by the armourer in the manufacturing and maintenance of the Lee-Enfield Rifles.

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  1. Rod Pratt says:

    Where can I buy an armourer’s combination tool for a SMLE No.1 MkIII ?

  2. Bernard says:

    Where can i get the bolt/firing pin dis-assembly tool in New Zealand?, im also looking for a mk.3 safety, lost the whole safety component on mine.

  3. Mark says:

    Sorry, I dont have a spare one but ive emailed a mate of mine in NZ and he may have some, as to the Mk3 safety, i will have a look in the spares kit for you. Flick me an email at

  4. Bruce says:

    Just browsing your armourer’s tools section:

    I have a slightly different version of the SMLE barrel vice sitting on my bench.

    It is marked:

    VICE (sic) NO.13
    on both parts.
    Oddly enough, the “top” block is also marked “22” as is the little tongue insert that engages the “flat” on the Knox Form.

    It will ONLY fit a standard barrel, although somebody has had a go at “relieving” it to accept Lithgow “H” barrel. It will NOT accept a No4 barrel at all.
    What I am looking for it any information on the bench plate and clamping arrangements.


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