One year on…..

So it’s now been just over a year since I first had the thought of adding a few pictures of some rifles on the net. “How hard could that be” I naively thought!,  “just flick up a couple of pictures and that ought to do it!” How wrong!

But, It’s come a long way, but it has a fair bit to go too! I’ve been busy like most people and havent always had the time to put into the website. But I’ve enjoyed the comments and the results to date. I just need to do a bit more work here and there! But all in all its been fun and something I’ve taken pride in accomplishing. But I cant take all the credit, there has been a lot of help from fellow collectors and friends, so thanks team.

It’s funny to think I now get more hits or visits in a day than the opening month did, and do in a week twice as much as I did in the first two months! The page hit counter I installed a few months after I started shows over 100,000 page hits!

I fondly recall when I first started I was stoked when a couple of people stumbled onto my site each day! I would sit there eagerly waiting for the numbers to grow.

So whats next….alot!

Tidy the site up, finish off a few needed half completed pages, link in with some established sites and add some value to the site for the reader, maybe even tinker with a Facebook page? 

Another thing I would actually like to do is get one or two of the old girls back out in spec, hunting! Imagine take an old SMLE out on wallabies! Now that would be fun!

So hopefully its added something to the Enfield community, I know I’ve learnt a lot and had fun doing it, as well as keeping alive a litle bit of history along the way.



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2 Responses to One year on…..

  1. Land Rover says:

    Hi Mark

    Thanks for the one year on email, I had totally forgotten about this site.
    I have just added a few pics to see how it works, no probs there.
    I use a 303/25 for my every day hunting and have accurized my no4 mk1* which will be hunting soon, just have to site her in.

    Regards Ben aka Land Rover

  2. Mark says:

    Hi Ben, thanks for the email, hunting with a 303/25 well done, i have owned one but never got around to shooting it, be keen to hear your comments and results. Mark

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