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Well has it really been a month!! Man have I been a tad busy and I must admit the site has been on the back burner for the last month. In fact, since finally getting back to work after a back operation I have been shagged! But things will get back to normal….hopefully soon. I will try to get down to the range and get some images for the postal shoot and get that kicked into gear.  I will even try to spend some time fixing up and adding to the site, ive a couple of good articles to get uploaded too as well as some other sites,clubs and comps to promote, so keep an eye out for those.

As an aside ive a small FTR project that im working on too, so that’s been simmering away in the back ground, so I will post a thing or to on that in a while.


Well the Cup is Home!! Well done lads, done yourselves proud.

On the website front, I’ve got the forums page set up, it’s slowly picking up interest, but im not expecting major things in the first few weeks. To be honest I never thought  I would have over 7000 hits on my site since truly getting the site up and running from August, so it will slowly snow ball. It’s a good place to discuss ideas or theories, so get in there and have a chat. Also I seem to have a few regulars from Germany, Japan, Canada, USA, guys get on the forum and give it an international flare!!

My next tasks are to go back and start filling in some of the gaps like No4mk1/2 /3 etc. I must admit ive been a bit keen on the reloading and casting! to that aspect have a look at my CBE comments under the resources page, a great mold, Jim’s to blame!!!!!


Well, the All Blacks are just a few days away from the Rugby World Cup Final and regaining their world cup crown, its been a long time between drinks one could say, and trust me there will one or two drinks had that night!  In the mean time ive been chipping away at the site. To that end I am rather happy to report that I’ve got some great articles from John Osborne, the President of the New Zealand Society of Gunsmiths. John has a wealth of information and articles of historical note and as time permits I will edit the articles into the formats, the first being a great article on the Boer War rifles.


Well a month has gone past and the site has  certainly grown, it’s just a tad under 3500 visits which is exceeding my expectations. Considering the numbers in the first few weeks was LOW!!! in fact it was well into the 2nd month to get 500! so not bad for just on 4 months. Also the site has grown in both pages and images, to that end ive been tinkering with different programs which has helped in management and presentation. I need now to upgrade my camera, I can see a weekend course in photography coming up! So Its been a bit of work and I must admit ive been woeful in my site updating!

I’ve managed to fill some gaps both in my collection and in the websites image database. thank you to those who have let me photograph their rifles. I’ve a nice Martini Enfield that has a wonderful history from when it was converted from a Martini-Henry, then to an Enfield AC,Bought by the NZ Government, re serialed, then was sold out of service, then impressed back into service as a HG rifle, but that’s another story! The focus this month past has been to get more images, as that was one of the main areas I wanted this site to focus on and that was as an image “go to” place.  We still have a heap of work to do but the bones are there, we just need to add better and more information as well as images.

Also if you are visiting this site please either post a comment or send me an email as I would really appreciate feed back on what im doing, be honest, but not too harsh though!


Added photos for the No8MkI and No9MkI, will also add a section on DP rifles too I think, I have a couple of contrasting DP rifles that ought to be of interest.


Just added manuals that will hopefully help Enfield Collectors, still working on permission regarding some more modern examples.


Now here’s the joy of the Internet, last four visitors , Temecula, USA, Christchurch,NZ, Croydon, Great Britain and Rethimnon, Greece, how cool is that!……..owwww im working on a manuals page, just working on permission from a few people!


I’ve also been fortunate enough to get some great Metford photos so ive added them under the History page, I will update the page when time permits but they are some good photos.

There is also an extremely informative article on aim correctors that ive been allowed to reprint with the author’s permission.


Added a Cast loading Equipment Sales page, so keep an eye out on that page, hopefully with a bit more time a few more items will get listed.

Again if your got something to trade or sell just flick me a line……. im not charging anything, I would just like to see an environment that like-minded people can trade, buy or find things they need.

If sight adjusting tools are of interest, I have acquired a great selection of good photos.

Also if early No4 trials rifles are something you have not seen before have a look at the No4 page, again ive been able to get some great photos there.


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  1. Chris says:

    Keen on your .243 dies if you still have them. If so perhaps you might like to send through your bank a/c details together with amount to post. Cheers Chris

  2. Mark says:

    Chris, ive forwarded your details onto the bloke who had advertised them, hopefully they are still available!! if not let me know and we can see what we can do for you!

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