Hello Enfield World!

Well lets start Blogging! 

Hey this is all new to me as well,  But im sure we will all work it out as we go along! well a month and a half in and ive just found time to try this aspect of the site out! What a learning curve, a lot of fun.

Well so far the site has gone really well, ive had way more visits than I anticipated so I am really happy with that. Theres a great application that WordPress has that lets you see the countries that visit your site, it’s a really neat application and  it’s rather inspiring to see flags from as far away as The USA , China, Hong Kong, Australia, Canada and from cities all over NZ! Thanks to those who keep coming back for a read. I promise that as I get more experienced at this web thing then things will come together nicely. I’ve added video and am trying to sort out the rules for downloading material such as manuals etc, without getting myself in trouble…..so watch this space!

My goal in the next few days is to do some more work on areas that seem to interest people, as well as tidying up the sales area as well as get some pics up , get some more done on the No1 page as well as tinker away at some pictures. I need to start doing more work on my Load Data page too! Dont worry im going to add all the stuff I load for as well as cast loads as well that should help someone!. Man who would have thought i would have gone down this road, to be honest my goal was merely to have a pictorial record for reference purposes on the LE.

I’ve drafted the No4Mk1 Page and just need to do some more touches to that, then I can move onto the other variations. I’ve also managed to get the odd photo and data on some very neat  rifles as well as some photos on some trials rifles and interesting rifles, so I am extremely looking forward to  getting those up.

If you think ive missed something or you think you have a photo that I could use, please send it in. As well as any suggestions that would add to the website!

But hey cheers for reading!

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10 Responses to Hello Enfield World!

  1. kerry says:

    Just joined but by look of it this is gotta be a goldmine.hopefully can progress my obsession with my beloved No4mk1*”elephant gun and its sidekick the no3SMLE. what have ilearnt so far.well if Imslingin a 180gn softnose down the barrel ,none seems to be kee on wicketkeeping.bitof a bugger that!

  2. kerry says:

    mark -my own .303 is a longbranch no4mk1* circa 1943.I know it was a former target rifle whichI purchased at Cromb&Merrit in Cashel st(good god showig my age eh!). Its a 2 groove job which simply does not like 150gn loads.shotguns em! 180gn slugs -she’ll trundle along all day ,not missing a beat.despite extensive searching for info and numerous opinions ,imstill none the wiser as to why.?
    ona mre postive note ,had an old workmate turn up yesterday with a we gem courtesy of his late grandfather (sadly recently deceased).improud custodian of a neatly modified SMLE Mk3,cmplete with what i assume is adjustable target type aperture sight.
    the former custodian was tardy in maintainenece so I’m now the man.Ive pulled barrel through todfay -all seems good .original mags with it .however in a homemad carry case we found some 20rds of ?No7.303military ball ‘age unknown .Glenn feels destruction is preferable to firing ,however I said Id seek advice first.some rounds are showing surface deterioration a couple have had the tip modified via ?file.
    so Im open to your advice etcetc.
    the partner to this rifle is a dandy wee opensighted tube mag BSA .22 .such a priveledge to handle such well loved firearms.

  3. rjw nz says:

    If the old ammo will clean up with a cloth and is not corroded green or dented and damaged you’ll be fine, if you get pop then bangs just be sure to check the bore between each shot that the round has cleared the barrel. Ol target rifles rule!
    No idea on the 150 grain, some LE’s soak them up nicely and others just don’t, if they’re BT I could understand it but if they’re flat base then I dunno, cheers rjw nz

  4. R Gales says:

    I had some old WWII ammo , It all went off OK but on some you could hear the click of the fireing pin a spit before it went off, some people pull the heads and reload with new powder, depends on how much time you have, Remember THe SMLE is the most succesful rifle having been in service for 100 years in one form or another, I’ve never seen one blow up yet, it may have happened but I’ve never seen it. RG UK.

  5. MJ says:

    Good luck with your web site in the New Year.


  6. Mark says:

    Thanks MJ, Thanks for the images of your Lee Enfields, I aim to get some more good photos off you of your collection too, and folks its a stunning collection!

  7. MJ says:

    Just email direct for pictures. What would you like to see? There parts of your shop like this page that don’t have the brows feature to leave photos and the same for other pages. I have never gotten a reply to let me know if the photobucket pictures post.

    Here is a test.

  8. MJ says:

    I’m back! Costa Rica was a blast this trip all fun and no work got done but a few plumbing fixtures and one new lamp. How is the site going here?

    Pura Vida


  9. Gerard says:

    I just wanted to say A big thankyou for such a great site and the wonderful information available!Keep up the good work and look forward to many more chats and reads.Gerard.

  10. starkys2005 says:

    Hi Bought what I thought was a bog standard No4 Mk 1. Upon close inspection found the following marks and items:
    BSA Shirley plant M47C on left side of BUTT SOCKET 1944 and serial no. 1477
    No pads but the 5 holes are visible but have been blanked off with screws ground down to the surface,
    Plus Bolt NO7 MKII
    Has ‘TR’ stamped on the left of the butt socket and a letter ‘T’ on the flat of the left receiver sidewall
    (The ‘T’ signified a No.32 telescope had been fitted, and the combination met all inspections. Without a ‘T’ marking, the rifle could not have been converted at Holland and Holland)
    “a ¼ inch ‘S51’ stamped on the bottom of the handgrip of the butt stock”. Does not have this. Wood base near butt clamp has TG or T6 stamped with ordinance arrow instead.
    “a stamped telescope number on the front edge of the butt, just before butt socket” .is missing.
    Front right side of the receiver just behind the receiver ring. (“A genuine Holland and Holland conversion will have a 1/8 inch letter ‘S’ close to the wood line)”. It has this S mark.
    “rifles made in ’43 and ‘44 should have a MK2 scope” Does not have a scope.
    Sight no7 mkII. With F stamped on several parts (Fazakerley?) but battle sight has not been milled off.
    Barrel has “Regulated by Fulton” stamped on it. Still has bayonet lugs on it.
    Has 3rd angular swivel with long shank marked Parker Hale Made in England in front of the magazine.
    Does not have cheek piece fitted but feint marks 1 inch down left side and 3 inches apart could be infills.

    Any ideas of the history of this rifle? Should I continue to shoot it (very accurate even without scope)?

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