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Welcome to a small website dedicated to the Lee Enfield

Hi and welcome to AllAboutEnfields, what started of as a small site dedicated to the Lee Enfield Rifle has grown and grown. Who would have thought that I would create a website thats had over 1 Million hits, theres still a lot of interest in the old Lee Enfield!!! I know there is a lot of a work still to be done, but I hope you find it both informative and laid back, hopefully a place you will enjoy visiting from time to time.

So, AllAboutEnfields is now on Facebook !! https://www.facebook.com/AllAboutEnfields

Although the site is called ”All About Enfield’s”, I intend to cover the wider range of the Lee Enfield related topics. It will also cover such things as reloading, using lead cast projectiles and paper patching for the .303 (when i get time!!)

My goal was to capture aspects of the Lee Enfield history that I feared would be lost with time. So, with that in mind, I created this small website collecting information from some very clever people as well as showcasing some of the Lee Enfield collections I’ve been fortunate enough to see.

Included is a section called “Not Just Enfield’s”, aimed  to add a bit of balance and to broaden the appeal, as well as entertaining my bias, its my website so guess i can!! Topic’s also include suppressed loads on a .308 and lead casting for a 25/06 as well as the .303 and .308, so there’s a bit of something for everyone here ( or just me!). 

Also a big thanks to all those who have supplied photos, leant me their Lee Enfield for photos, written articles or given support in this venture! Where possible, I have acknowledged the source of any images that I have used, however, some people have asked not to be identified (Something about that particular rifle not being quiet known at home….Yet!) 

Finally, I do not profess to be an expert, just a keen bloke who likes his .303′s! So on that note, have a read hope you enjoy! 

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  1. Red Jacket says:

    Hi Tertle

    Have you bought the CJA AR15 ?

    Any news about the NEA coming to NZ?

    Cheers !

  2. Mark says:

    Hi there Red Jacket, I’ve actually held off on the CJA, however I am very hopeful and eager to be taking a closer look at the NEA rather soon, in fact as soon as I get a highly anticipated email I will be looking to add a rather differing aspect to the collection and this website! I emailed NEA and ended up chatting to the CEO! A very nice bloke and it spoke volumes as to customer service! I am sure it will also reflect in the rifle.

  3. Jim Bridwell says:

    I’ve got a No. I Mk III* with a used up barrel. I have a new replacement barrel and am looking for a gunsmith to do the job for me. This seems like it should be a pretty straight up job but is there anything I should be aware of that might complicate things? the rifle is a 1916 Lithgow that is otherwise in good working order. I want a shooter not a wall hanger and intend to keep the rifle stock. Thank you for your (very) nice website.
    I live in Southern California and I bought my first SMLE because I needed something to qualify on for a CMP shoot so I could buy a surplus M-1 Garand. The thing is, once I became familiar with the Enfields and put a couple of hundred rounds through it I decided I had the rifle I wanted and never got around to buying the Garand. Here in the US not too many people really appreciate enfields as much as I do.

  4. Mark says:

    Jim, Ive sent you an email hope you got it, its great to see that the more and more people are finding out just how good Lee Enfields are, and sticking with them! you will have to send some before and after pic’s of the Lithgow, Cheers Mark

  5. Mark says:

    Red Jacket, Proud owner of a NEA DMR :)

  6. Land Rover says:

    Hi Guys, I am after a no4 main/king screw and the trigger parts for a re-build. Can anyone help?

    Cheers Land Rover

  7. Mark says:

    Ben, flick me an email, i will go through the bits that i do have and see what we can find for you, sorry for lenght of time its taken to get back to you too!

  8. Nick says:

    Hi Jim Bridwell,

    I to live in So. Cal and I just bought a 1918 Lithgow No. 1 Mk III SMLE. If you would like to exchange emails feel free to contact me at nickovac@live.com. Cheers, Nick

  9. Gary says:

    Hi Mark, did all those pic’s come thru. there were too many for 1 attachment so had a couple of goes at it. there should be about 15 different rifles(except the ones with bayonets, or grouped pic’s)

  10. Mark says:

    yes got them, you have rather a nice collection going on there. I will email in the next few days but again nice collection! in fact there are a couple there that ive had more than a couple of looks at! I recently had to sell my type99, gutted! but owell in time im sure i will fill the recently made spaces, 😉

  11. Mark says:

    Hi Mark, last year you helped with the history of two HG marked rifles.
    I’m now looking for a no4 rear aperture, not the 300, 600 battle flip but the ladder to 1200 yds, picked up a rifle with a busted one on it.
    Cheers Mark W

  12. Mark says:

    Hmmmm, unfortunately i have none sitting around here anymore!
    Try http://www.efdrifles.com/ OR http://e-sarcoinc.com/leeenfield.aspx http://www.valmontfirearms.co.uk/Leeenfield.html OR http://stores.ebay.com/Gunparts-Plus/LEE-ENFIELD-PARTS-/_i.html?_fsub=4 Or http://www.gunpartscorp.com/
    Sorry i can’t be more helpful! I will get a better list together of suppliers that deal in Enfield parts to help, but well done on the No4, see they are addictive!!!!

  13. Gary says:

    Hi Mark,
    when I’ve finished replacing a few bits on TYPE99 ARISAKA .. repro dust cover, cleaning rod, including a replacement stock(better than the one pictured when I flicked a bunch of pic’s to you, last year) I will get a few pic’s for your site, later when I’ve finished

    You may know someone who can help..
    If anyone knows much on these things, stamped on right side of butt-stock(opposite side to sling swivel) is a 5point star within a circle(like on Nth Korea flag) also stamped just in front of sling swivel , on left side is stamped a rectangle with Japanese letters (80% unreadable)


  14. Mark says:

    Have “borrowed” another HG martini enfield, it’s owner knew I liked them. Have some photos I’d like to share, it’s fitted with a smle barrel, a custom forewood and an interesting NZ patented aperture sight that ive never encountered before. He also says it boots like buggery and the fired cases look stepped. Sorry dont have a case to look at.

  15. Mark says:

    Hi Mark, have you ever come across a ME that has been rebarrelled with a SMLE barrel. I’m looking at one now and am trying to get some history on it for the owner. Any help would be appreciated. Photos available.

  16. David says:

    Hi Mark,
    i’ve gone ahead and sent you an email (from my work adderss). i’m looking at restoring my no. 5. Look forward to hearing from you.

    Thanks for all of your info!

  17. Mark says:

    David, sorry for the slow reply, i have this weekend spare so i will have a look at the pictures and get back to you, PROMISE :)

  18. Mark says:

    Ive seen the odd one about, if you want, flick me some pictures and i will have a look and see what help i can give you

  19. Son of Thunder says:

    Proud owner here of a MK4 1 of almost 25 years. I am excited to have found this site as I have already learned things that I have long been wondering about.

  20. bailey says:

    My father has al old gun and really never did anything with it and i started checking it out to see if i could find anything out about it. From what i can find it is an Enfield. Stamped on it, it says England then under that 1943 then under that AH 0523. Up by the bolt it has says, n0 4 mk 1 (F) FTR AH 0523. I believe it is the f in parentheses followed by ftr but not 100 percent due to wear on it. There is also something that looks like a small crown with BNP under it stamped on top at the begenning of the barrel and also the same thing at the end of the barrel. If you dont mind could you please tell me anything you might know about this particular gun, where it was made, caliber, etc.. any help would be greatly appreciated.

  21. Mark says:

    have a read of http://www.allaboutenfields.co.nz/no4s/no4-mk12-mk13-mk2-and-ftr/ but what you have is a rifle that went through a repair program at the Fazakerly, send me some photos and I can have a good look at what you have. Cheers

  22. Gareth says:

    Hi Mark,

    I have a Lee Enfield .303 Mk 1 no 3*, S”HT”ML 1918 cut down rifle, that I have recently acquired from my Father. It has some sentimental value and I would like to restore it back to it’s original status. I have read you post about restoring your Mk 1, and applied the same technique to restore the metal work. But my main problem is locating any wood to restore the fore stock, front hand guard. I have visited numerous web sites (NZ and global), and have not found anything other than newly turned wood. Do you have any points of contact I can use to locate suitable original parts from?

  23. davecatlow says:

    Hello all.
    First time on this sight and I have a question. I have recently acquired what appears to be a SMLE No.1 Mk3. It has the magazine cutoff and volley sights. I’m looking for information on these markings. The wrist is stamped BSACo. but has no model number or date. The top of the receiver and the base of the barrel are stamped with what looks like a GR crown and “Sale Permit”.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!


  24. Eric T says:

    Hi Mark. I have A LOT of questions I’m hoping you, or someone else can help me with. I inherited a .303 British from my father who just recently passed away. It has a lot of old markings on it that I am not sure how to find out what they are, etc. I am also trying to get it possibly dated. I have a lot of pics of the rifle with the marks and was wondering if there is anyway I can get them to you for review. Also the numbers on it which I am guessing is the serial number. It is as follows – FA28554A. It’s a No4 MK 1/2. Also under the that it reads F56FTR. Also, where should I send the pics to? Thanks again in advance for any help you may provide. Have a great day!!

  25. csind74 says:

    I have something similar to Bailey. The markings are as follows:
    Action – left side (opposite breech)
    No4 MKI F_(FTR) 49
    The number 49 seems to be a completely different stamp in font and depth (I couldn’t see it until I used a flashlight for closer inspection, also after AH4367 (not in line but a little lower) MK I in the same font style and clarity as the 49. It almost looks to me as No4 MKI F_(FTR)
    AH4367 were stamped at a different time.
    Trigger/safety lever plate (left side)
    the markings start right below the pin the the safety lever pivots on:
    ENGLAND (in a smaller and finer font)
    37 (the bottom of the 3 seems to almost connect to the middle making it look like a lower case greek delta)
    Y7128 (this is also repeated on the bolt handle, clearly visible when you bring the rifle up to a firing position).
    Barrel (top side of muzzle):
    This is tiny print, in fact, I just noticed it today for the first time because its so small and faint
    Crown symbol
    BNP .303 2-222
    18.5TONSPER[” PXB (the X is acually what looks like 2 swords crossing)

    There are a few other markings which I believe to be different inspection markings (little arrows or V’s) done throughout the manufacturing process, but nothing I can really see as “significant” markings.

    The unique thing about this rifle is the length of the stock – about 31″. The barrel is 24″, and it extends 13 1/2″ beyond the fore-end of the stock. In the photos on this site it seems the stock extends almost to the muzzle. Is this something that may have been customized after being released to the civilian market to make it into more of a “sport” rifle, or is it more common than that?
    Any info you can provide me with to identify what I have exactly would be great.

  26. beau42m says:

    I have a question: I once owned a Lee Enfield rifle, cal .303 British. It was imported into the US in the mid to late 1990’s when the market got flooded with under $100 wholesale similar Enfields. I think it was either of New Zealand and/or Australian origin. It had a date of manufacture of 1916. There was a emblem of a Kangaroo cartouched into the buttstock. It may or may not have had NZ stamped somewhere on its receiver. And on the band connecting the stock, just behind the bolt, it had stamped the designation No 2, Mark II, I believe. But I am certain it at least was a No 2. It possibly could have been No 2, Mark IV. Can you help? Where was this rifle manufactured? Lithgow Small Arms Factory? in New Zealand? That was mentioned in the ad selling them at the time. Sadly I lost this gun to a pawn shop years ago.

  27. PhantomRoo says:

    Hi Mark, I read your article on the No. 5 and learned quite a bit from it before I picked up one for myself. This now makes one No. 1, two No. 4’s and a No. 5, to go with my P14, to round out my Enfield collection. I have a question about the painted numbers on the butt-stock of my rifle though. On both sides of the butt-stock, down near to the sling holder, there are two numbers stenciled in white paint, a 12 above a 9. Do you know if this has any particular meaning, as in a particular unit or group in which it was assigned? The rifle is a numbers matching (ROF) manufactured piece produced in Jan 1946. It looks well used, but is in overall good shape, minus a good cleaning (I just got it today). Butt recoil pad is hard as a rock, which I have read is pretty common. I also own other dreaded shoulder killers (MN 44, MN 38, & M95) so I expect this baby to kick just as much. That M95 just kills me. I’m probably holding it incorrectly, but what’s a few bruises…Any help on the markings would be appreciated, Cheers!!

  28. Kurt Williams says:

    Hi Mark, I know its not Enfield related, but have you seen many P14 rifles regulated by Foulton? I have on in my possession which is supposed to be a Ballenger Belt winning rifle. I cant seen to find much info in the regulated P14. Thanks, Kurt.

  29. Mark says:

    could you flick me some images to my email admin@allaboutenfields.co.nz

  30. Mark says:

    Well done on the collection, they get very addictive and will seem to multiply on their own somehow!! flick us some photos of the collection?

    Ok the painted numbers on the Butt-stock of your rifle, these markings are most likely a military storage rack number. The No5 was used by a lot of various countries and as such there are any number of stencilled numbers or ID marks on them. They add a bit of unique history to each rifle.



  31. Mark says:

    If it had an “emblem of a Kangaroo cartouche into the butt stock” its going to be an Australian manufactured rifle. It was decided back in 1907 for Australia to manufacture small arms. Production didn’t start until 1912. Yours is a SAF Lithgow 1916 SMLE SHtLE III. Later (WW2) there were 3 main factories in Australia, Lithgow, Bathurst and Orange. There were other feeder factories but they were the main ones. These factories produced both the No1’s and .22 No2 trainers. sorry I cant be of much more help but I can only possibly guess that the rifle you mention started life out as a SMLE and was later converted to a .22 trainer?

  32. Mark says:

    Flick me decent photo’s to admin@allaboutenfields.co.nz But it sounds as if you have a No4Mk1 that has gone through the FTR program at in 1956 and upgraded to a No4Mk1/2 hope this helps

  33. Mark says:

    Im afraid its a case of googling and keeping an eye on local auction sites. Keep looking trust me its well worth the effort

  34. wwadeson says:

    Hello all,
    I have just joined your org. I am very impressed with the organization, accuracy and degree of information available. I have found this to be a valuable resource for a firearm enthusiast. I do possess a .303 rifle and would like to share photos. I would need info on how to post them.


  35. Mark says:

    William, thank you for the kind words regarding the website, pic’s can be sent to Email admin@allaboutenfields.co.nz

  36. beau42m says:

    Thanks for the reply Mark. I luckily bought another Lee Enfield Mark III of British manufacture 1918 at the time that I owned the Lithgow 1916 model Mark III that you replied about. It is in NRA excellent condition, no metal marring and just a couple of superficial scars to stock on the non-bolt side. I bet this one is worth something. I also have a SMLE Canadian Long Branch No 4 Mk 1 of 1943 manufacture that I have owned since I was about 12 years old. I have most of the WW II bolt action guns in surplus condition. Even have an NRA good Japanese Model 99 Arisaka 7.7 cal with an intact chrysanthemum, probably a US serviceman battlefield pickup. Things are good in the States, you can own just about anything as long as you have no felony convictions, even a class 3 full auto weapon if you can pay the huge taxes on it. I hope things are good in New Zealand, according to wikipedia, citizens there still have significant gun rights. I watched the 2006 movie Out of the Blue (Aramoana) recently. Thanks for the info, I will check back on your site if I have anymore questions on Enfields.

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